Our Values

The values we believe in to practice business

  • Client satisfaction  and loyalty 
  • To achieve outstanding returns for shareholders.
  • To achieve sustain growth and record market share 
  • To be pioneers in the market leadership 
  • Commitment  to staff sustainable development 
  • Excellence in work procedures and styles.
  • Operational excellence in accordance with global best practices.
  • Regional and international citizenship

Our Approach

Achieving sustainable high excellence through

  • Operational excellence by leveraging ICT. 
  • Use of creative ways to present and deliver our services.
  • Continuous development of quality and excellence of services provision
  • High flexibility in dealing with customers
  • Continuous preparation of the work team as to be familiar with the latest methods
    and work procedures in accordance with best practices.
  • Research, study and development of Backing World Group’s internal environment
    and the development of the external environment for shipping, transportation, travel,
    tourism and logistics support.
  • High qualified team with excellent, flexible and accessible work procedures

Achieving the increase in market share to standard levels through:

  • Know well the competitors, their strength and weaknesses and learn from them
  • Continuous scientific study of the market share based on real statistics to keep up with
    the increase and to reach the desired market share by 2025
  • Building creative and excellent relationship with the group’s current and prospective
    customers, whether companies or individuals
  • Creativity in building excellent relationships with the Backing World Group’s
    current and prospective customers, whether they are companies or individuals.
  • Build comprehensive, up-to-date databases that accommodate all current and target
  • Conducting continuous marketing studies and offering high flexible prices to senior
    customers based on competition, the nature and size of each individual customer
  • Expansion and spread in all major and secondary cities nationwide
  • Expanding Backing World Group’s activities, especially those complementary to
    the core business through the development of activities that integrate with existing
  • Operational excellence by taking advantage of the tremendous developments in ICT
    systems and utilizing the latest CRM methodologies as well as e-marketing methods
    and social media.
  • Conduct public relations activities, promotional and social responsibility programs
    that highlights and promote Backing World Group’s image to a higher level than the
    current one.

Achieving expansion in new countries through

  • Identifying the new countries 
  • Carefully study the markets of these countries
  • Starting expansion by establishing branches in these countries and provide distinguished leader jobs for staff from these countries.

Our Principles

Backing World Group aims to achieve and implement literal meaning of value with its customers as it is considered a goal through the commitment to the principles of work and emphasizes the commitment of all employees working in the company to these principles. These principles are:

  • Fair and equitable treatment
  • Work according to high ethics and commitment to work ethics.
  • Non-discrimination and preference between workers and clients
  • Fraud protection
  • Protecting the privacy of customer information
  • Immediate handle of complaints
  • Respecting fair competition procedures
  • Backing World Group’s distinguished service provision
  • High financial suitability and providing adequate resources to achieve the desired excellence.